School Council

Executive 2013 - 2014

President - Robyn Ouellette

Vice President - Bridgette Campbell

Treasurer - Melissa Horsley

Secretary - Judy Klassen

Meeting Dates

The LGS School Council meets the first Wednesday monthly in the school library unless otherwise scheduled. Please find our minutes here LGS School Council Minutes



 The LGS School Council is consulted as part of the process of making decisions regarding instructional programs, major purchases and student-targeted initiatives. The Council supports many of the school programs financially. They subsidize the elementary swimming program and in house speakers. They assist purchasing capital equipment for the school such as computers, furniture, library and art materials. The Council works cooperatively with the staff to plan and organize external entertainment such as Traveling Plays, The Council also sponsors the annual Student Awards, Talent Show Contests, and seasonal book swaps.

The LGS School Council encourages and invites all parents to become involved in the Lloyd Garrison Community. If you have any questions or comments, Please contact the Council members or the school for more information.